22 September 2012

En Zed

I'm still loving our playroom

For the second time in as many years we won't be in town for the AFL Grand Final.  Luckily I don't give a toss about the happy team at hawthorn nor do I cheer cheer the red and the white, so it's not particularly distressing.
Grace is singing 'Feel the spiky spiky cactus'. I assume it's her own composition.  Lily has just rock climbed up the face of the desk drawers and collected a handful of travel books, none of which is for the country we are visiting.
'You can chase me up and down the hall if you want' Ruby offers Lil.  This will absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, end in tears.  I'm letting them stay up later than usual, even though we have to be up very early, because they are so excited I know they won't sleep.
'Nina told Lily to attack me.' complains Ruby.
'She started it.' says Nina 'She breathed in my face'.
I need a holiday.
See you in a week or so.

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