03 July 2012

Making Do

Over the past few months I've been making little things every so often for our school fete in October. We get donations of fabric and notions from the school community once in a while, and we put out requests for certain things which sometimes are forthcoming.

Normally I have an idea and then search for the fabrics with which to realise it. But sewing for the fete requires me to look at a piece of, for example, striped knit, and figure out what I could do with it. So, my first attempt at sewing knits are these little baby pants (from here).

I turned odd pieces of chiffon and tulle into tutus, based loosely on this one, with the addition of some flowers.

Someone donated enough of this cute flannel:

To back all these baby bibs:

There is still a bit of the chenille left for pigs

And itty bitty bits of fabric have been turn into these itty bitty baby dresses using this free pattern from made by rae. (I purchased the license to sell because they will be for sale at the fete, and $10 seems extremely fair).

My sister gave me a bundle of upholstery fabric samples which worked well for these bags (pattern loosely based on one in a japanese craft book but I can't find the link).

And lastly, someone's ex-bedroom curtains have been transformed into kit bags - especially useful for compulsory swimming in term 4. 

I don't love all these items, but hopefully someone will, at least enough to fork out a couple of bucks for them at the fete. But I do like turning other people's cast offs into something useful. Making do with what you've got.

p.s. Someone has donated a large piece (a curtain I think) of Ken Done fabric - the print is 'Little Flowers of the Sea' from the early 1980's and it has a deep blue background and multi coloured hibiscus flowers interspersed with boat sails. It's a polyester or polyester blend fabric. As a child of the 80's I just cannot do the retro 80's thing but people much hipper than me tell me that Ken Done is pretty cool right now. I am at a loss as to what I could do with this. Any ideas?

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