09 January 2012

Good things of summer


Beach hair

The flowering gum, flowering

Achieving a small goal

Spending all day in your nightie

Tinkering with an old car, with your Dad

Games: card, board, other

Somehow I managed to spend a week at the beach and not take a single photo of it. Getting towels and rashies, bathers, hats, sunscreen, water, snacks and four kids there each day seemed task enough, the camera an added burden. I regret it now, but doubt I'd have adequately captured the joy of the kids jumping in the waves; the blueness of their lips afterwards (even in summer, Victorian waters are chilly); the absolute sandiness only a child can enjoy; the bliss of a warm towel and friends to share it all with.

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  1. Lovely! Similar enclosing times here and it is lovely.