01 December 2011

It's beginning

to feel a lot like Christmas.
And I admit it, I love it.
Carols, cards, decorations, gingerbread.
Not mince tarts though.


  1. No mince tarts eh? We don't either cos I can't eat guten and one year hit upon the idea of making my own fruit mince (sans citrus peel - yeeuch!) and mixing it frugally with good vanilla ice cream. There was no going back. Perfect our hot christmas' and still puts that christmassy spice smell in the air)
    Christmas is making a slow appearance this year. Only the advent calendar is up. Tis nice in it's own way.
    I haven't read blogs much lately and all these christmassy posts is growing a little bit of that spirit in me. Yay.

  2. me too i love christmas ,
    no to mince pies and xmas pud ( oh really)