10 July 2011

David v Goliath

Hot air balloon  - Photo by Craig

When David entered the ring with Goliath, immense, looming, and he with only his sling shot, was he calm?  Did he know it was all that he needed? 
Was Goliath inwardly perturbed by this boy who seemed unafraid?  Did he have pause to note the stone and consider the damage it might wreak?  Did he bellow with confidence, or bluster?

I'm going into the ring with Goliath tomorrow.  I don't feel calm.  I am not at all sure that a sling shot is going to be all that it takes.  Goliath doesn't seem perturbed by my presence.  He's big but he isn't a fool and we both know that, unless my stone lands exactly on his temple, it won't do much damage.

I keep reminding myself; it is only work.

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