15 March 2012


When you are five you get all the pillows in the house and cover them with a doona to make a mountain and somersault off the couch onto them.

When you are five you tell your mother that sometimes you spin around on the chair in the study, even though daddy told you not to. But sometimes you forget. And sometimes you just do it when he is not looking.

When you are five you still get into bed every night with your parents.

When you are five you are pretty damn proud of every letter you learn.

When you are five, every box can be a car or a queen, or a tv or a boat.

When you are five, your big sisters might find you quite annoying, but your little sister reckons you are absolutely the bees knees.

When you are five you wake up your daddy to tell him that you don't like someone's hair at kinder and you think you should maybe tell the teacher. But you are okay with not telling if he thinks that is the way to go.

When you are five you reassure your mama that your five year old cheeks will be just as good to kiss as your four year old cheeks were.

When you are five you don't always cry even when you feel like crying.

When you are five you make friends even when you don't know their names.

When you are five you are so ace, Grace. Happy Birthday.


  1. Happy birthday Grace! It is great to be 5.

  2. Bewdiful.
    She sounds very full of life!