23 May 2011

These are a few of my (recent) favourite things

Nina's Post-it Note world

There is a story which I cannot now recall involving the ants building a house near a sunflower.  They are also holding signs but I forget why.  The girls have baskets because they are going to pick apples from the apple tree.

'Ahh Shelly, your curls are very floncy today"
"Oh Mrs BusyBody!  It wasn't very kind of you to burst in like that"

A recent Ruby drawing  -  I wish I could recall the story.  It was delivered with full theatrical flourishes and appropriate voices.

Ruby -  close up of Shelly

I cannot explain why this appeals to me so much.

Nina's City at Night - collage

Grace's Christmas Tree

I especially like the little gingerbread man decoration at the bottom of the tree.

Nina's mini Egypt

Like nearly every Victorian primary school child. Nina went to the Tutankhamun Exhibition with her class.  They made model pyramids.  Nina's, inevitably, was miniature.  She added a camel.  Ruby's comment: "That must be a giant camel if it's as tall as the pyramid".


  1. Hello!
    I just read your lovely comment (thank you so much, you made my day) and thought I'd drop by to say hello. And look at this, Amelia's here too.
    I already adore your daughters. ADORE. And I will probably loiter around here for quite some time, it feels comfortable and welcoming.
    Eleanor xxxx (from your commentbox)

    P.S. And you're a Melbourne blogger. How fabulous.

  2. i love shelly with her floncy curls... made me laugh

  3. I wish I knew what Ruby's story was about too. It looks full of promise!