04 May 2011

Apartment Therapy

Ruby has an idea of how it would be living in an apartment block.

They'd be things going on all the time.  People leaning out of windows to chat, running into each other, kissing to the embarrassment of their children  'awwww mum and dad'.

Conversations between grown ups go like this apparently:
Hi Hows Nick?
Good, hows Max?
Want to come to my flat porch for lunch?
Yer, what time soots?
2.30's okay what soots you?
2.30's fine, what shall we bring?
Mmm maybe some potato salad?
Cool.  Anything else?
(actually that is disturbingly accurate...)

Passersby are delighted by the fauna thereabouts:

And even the birds are rather chatty:
Mama Bird "Now watch out for cats, foxes (there will not be foxes thogh) egales, vultures, people, almost anything"
Three baby birds "Yes mama bird"
One baby bird "Thats a lot"


  1. Wow. The detail is a-mazing!

  2. Gosh if only my flats were so friendly. . .well i did get asked if i had some spare toilet paper yesterday.
    Amazing picture!!!!

  3. I love the ducks asking 'Do you think we will have babys' as they kiss and maybe see the mother with all her brood! and all the dangers in the world for them! beautiful drawing. She's quite right about adult conversations.