05 May 2011

Oh My Darling

Every morning Lily comes into bed for a feed, then rappels down the side of the bed.  She gets her shoes, brings them to me to put on and makes one of her pirate noises of satisfaction - 'arrggh'.  And thus the day begins.
About seven years ago, Craig took one year old Ruby out to buy her first pair of proper shoes.  He came back with these ridiculously adorable and ridiculously expensive shoes.  Four girls later, they are still just as adorable, the price, divided by four, seems most reasonable, and I find my (mostly) unsentimental heart can hardly bear the idea that soon they won't fit any of my babies.

1 comment:

  1. well i adore them too and find my heart skips a beat for each girl that wears them.
    what a lovely photo and memory ju