26 June 2014

The Best Reference You'd Ever Get (also flattering to librarians)

'She's fantastic Kim, if you met her you know what I mean.  She's as friendly as a librarian and you can tell her anything. She's as funny as a clown and makes me laugh, a lot. She's as patient as a teacher with a class of cheeky kids. Not only is she our babysitter she is also our friend. Every morning when we hear the doorbell we run to the door like a pack of bloodthirsty wolves hunting for their prey. To see her is always a joy and every day she has a new story to tell. She is as amazing as every act in the circus put together and I love her like a family member.' 
By Nina 


  1. Nina's writing is excellent! And Kim must have loved this. Very special.

  2. That is just beautiful. What a treasure.

    (Love Kim's freckles).