09 August 2014

A Difficult Quilt

Oh this quilt gave me trouble.  I started it on Craft Camp as a quick bit of quilting gratification so that I could take at least one finished item home. I had the top done and it all basted up but when I looked at it afterwards it seemed all wrong.  It wasn't at all what I had in mind which was something simple and fresh and modern, and instead looked old fashioned and way too 'crafty'. So I unbasted it and cut the quilt into two pieces, inserted a stripe in the middle, took it out, tried a different colour, mucked around a bit more, sought advice via Instagram and eventually put it away for quite a while. I took it out again in the recent school holidays and decided that the marinating time had worked wonders.  I was able to finish the top and took it away to Little Sheoak for my first ever attempt at handquilting.  How fortunate that the little japanese plastic bowls we use every day were just the right template for the circular design I wanted to quilt.  I loved the process of handquilting, though of course my stitches are not even and the circles don't line up perfectly and there are myriad other faults.  But doesn't handquilting give such a lovely texture?  The backing is from Lotta Jansdotter's 'Glimma' range which was everywhere last year, and which I bought thinking I'd make a skirt.  Haven't made much progress on the seamstressy front but very very happy with it in this quilt.  It's just a small thing, this quilt, barely a lap quilt really, more like a cot quilt size.  But, after its difficult start, it's one I'm quite pleased with, which is lucky because it's not going anywhere.  Even Craig approves.


  1. It turned out beautifully. And yes, re handquilting and delicious texture.

  2. I really like the backing.

  3. Gosh Julie, this quilt is beautiful. Your sewing always inspires me.