27 May 2014

Crime and Punishment

When I was a child I was obsessed with robbers, and believed that they came to our house every night, not to take anything, just to lurk in cupboards and freak me out.  So I was amused to see Grace's weekend entertainment: this 'Robber Weekly' magazine, which kept her amused and chortling to herself for quite a few hours.

I love the names she came up with: John Dickly, Thomas Stoe, Dick Beensly, Marshel Owen (the only female robber in the band), Oscar Pleed, Matt Tissly, Joe Deen and Marct Tistoe.  Don't they just sound like a list of convicts?

The Punishments 'Stay out in the cold with no food; Stay with me but no food: Do chores for me'.

And the Crimes: John Dickly stole the boat that peapol were on and sank it.  Thomas Stoe stole the line of 'i's (family joke).

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  1. Thise names sound appropriately Shakespearian. Or Dickensian maybe.