21 November 2013

Luckey Climbers

We visited the Boston Children's Museum, which this year celebrates 100 years of existence.  The centrepiece is this great climber (you can see Lily in it above ), designed by architect Tom Luckey who is apparently pretty famous for designing playgrounds and installations for kids to climb all over.  There was lots to do but we chose the one day of the year that they were closing early to host a private function - the launch of some swish new car.  Banished outside we watched them set up the marquees with huge bowls of lollies and giant lollypops.  A kind woman slipped her hand under the marquee, tapped Grace on the foot, and passed her a handful of bubble gum.

Later we had afternoon tea in a cafe in the financial district and I was taken by these edible gardens outside a very corporate looking building.  There were silverbeet, chillies, various cabbages and some edible looking greenery as well as flowers.  I'd like to think that passersby are encouraged to take a few chillies or a head of lettuce home for dinner, but I suspect not.

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