05 November 2013

Farewell Aunty Jack


I'm showing my age with the title, although I'm not actually old enough to remember when 'Aunty Jack' was on telly. For some reason I just always liked the theme song.  Anyway, it's farewell to Australia for the next three months. The last few days were a bit of a whirlwind of getting ready. We are renting our house out while we are gone and my Lordy wordy the stuff we have in our house! Boxes and boxes and boxes. I've posted this photo because it's the first time the dining room has looked like a dining room in the seven years we've been there.  In fact the whole place looks so much better with 15 fewer boxes of crap lying around. Why do we have so many clothes? We've condensed all we actually need into 2 suitcases. I'm posting this from my phone in Hawaii and so far, 2 suitcases of stuff seems more than enough. Mind you, looking at how rugged up everyone was in the background on 'Good Morning America' makes me think we'll be buying a lot of winter woollies.  Phone posting is kind of a pain, so I think I'll wait til we are set up and sorted to post more regularly. See you soon. 


  1. Safe travels and have a ball!

  2. Bon voyage! Have a wonderful time. I hope you will be able to keep us up to date with what you are up to. I'd love to do it myself one day so will be eagerly waiting for news of your adventure. xx
    PS I still have your fabric bundle to send to you. I'll wait until you are back home though :-)