22 October 2013

Hannah's Baby

Nina's classroom teacher of the last three years, Hannah, is expecting her first baby. I've made her something, but Nina also wanted to sew for the baby and so she made this set of bibs. I love this fabric (PB&J by BasicGrey), and thought it particularly appropriate for a teacher. Nina is getting to be an accomplished little sewer. She took the curves like a champ and did a very neat job.


  1. I LOVE the bibs! Thanks Nina. And thank you Julie for the baby blanket, it's beautiful. I look forward to using all of them.

    Julie, I've sent an email to your work address with Nina's video attached. Let me know if I should send it to a different email address instead.

  2. So lovely. Do you have a pop presser thingy? I often look at them and can't decide if I would get enough use out of it. Would love your opinion.

    1. I just use the little device that comes with the press studs- it fits over the stud and you bang it on with a hammer. It seems to do the job. A pop presser might do a better job but like you I wonder about the utility, plus it's another thing hanging around. I can't think of anything other than bibs I've used press studs on.