15 October 2013

Button Button

This button fabric makes me smile, especially on a cold miserable Melbourne day.  Saturday was gorgeous, followed by a bitter and wet Sunday.  We went to friends for lunch, to see their new renovation and their baby who is now nearly two.  Two!  They only live about 5 minutes away and there is just no good reason that the last time we saw them, their baby was newborn.  I always vow to be better at keeping up with those friends whose lives do not naturally intersect with mine by reason of work or school or similar aged children.    This year has reminded me time and again, sometimes in painful ways, that what really matters is friends and family, sharing things, making time, being present in the lives of those we love.  But somehow everything else always gets in the way.

This quilt is my first attempt at machine binding.  I think it went pretty well and was certainly quicker than hand binding.  I do like hand binding though, and I do think it looks a bit nicer than what I can achieve with machine binding.

I bought the fabric intending to make a couple of smaller cot-sized quilts, but the pattern sort of demanded one larger one.  It's not quite big enough for a single bed.  Is there such a thing as a 'king cot'?  Maybe it's just a large throw for the couch.  Anyway, it's going into the auction for the fete and I hope it tickles someone's fancy.

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  1. It does make you want to smile, a very happy quilt.