05 March 2013


A Book For Young Vampires: This book will help any young vampire with any thing they need to know "What is happening to me?"

Wings & School

Growing Up
v funny eyebrows
beginning of moustache
puffy lips (he has been biting himself overnight)
Growing up can be very hard for a human but for a vampire it is SUPER hard however do not worry:
Before.....2 Weeks Later
So it is very easy and quick for a vampire to return to normal or turn into an adult.

Fangs & Dentology
2 out of 3 young vampires will have a fang overbite but do not be discouraged.  As far as my research goes there is only 2 vampire dentists in the world so most young vampires will have to go to a normal dentist.  DO NOT bite the dentist even if it is SOOO tempting.
If your dentist says you need braces, don't panic just stay calm.
When our dentist is puting the braces in your mouth, it is okay to bite him/her.
"MUNCH". Your dentist will collapse in front of your very eyes but only bite him/her if there is no one else in the room.  Well maybe your mum or dad is okay.  If a nurse is in the room it is okay to bite because she/he will become paralyzed.  It will work this way if there is only 1 human in the room.

Love the broken heart t-shirt, the expression on the winged vampire's face and the way she has nailed this genre of pre-adolescent 'self help' books.

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