25 March 2013

Suspects of Crime

It is a very strong fact that Ned Kelly was probably the most knowen outlaw in Australia.  But we have here an outlaw that may become just as knowen as Ned.  Bruce Bornsten, an outlaw, horse thief, cattle thief and bank robber has been accused of brutal behaviour.  He claims it's false but witnesses Jane & Jonathin Kerinatin say that they saw him take two shoots at the local policemen Constable Ronald.  1 missed him but the other was said to have hit him in the elbow.  He seems to be fine and doctors can not find a bullet in his arm.  It is suspicious that Jane & Jon are Ronald's siblings & that constable was arch enemys with Bruce as a child.  Bruce's mother says it was a lie and Ron was just paying Bruce back for stealing his marbles as a child.  We think that, that is hard to believe.  Constable Ronald is a policeman and we think that accusing someone of attempting murder is going WAY too far for stealing someones marbles.  Bruce escaped after being arrested and we offer a reward if you find him.

This is what Bruce said before the police arrested him (and he escaped). 
"I'm an honest man, Constable, you know how terrible it is to lie such a terrible lie.  I don't have any guns so I couldn't of shot you.  Your scared Constable, don't want me to be around you for a few years.  Pouring flour over your head is not the same as shooting you.  How terrible you are Ronald, how terrible a man.  I'm innocent and you know it".

Ruby's class has been reading the Jerilderie Letter.

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