17 January 2013


Nina drew a picture of her 'dream dog' and called him Peanut. Then she wanted to make him. I had misgivings; she had a very definite idea of how he would look and it seemed complex to render him in 3D. Nevertheless we tried.

He is far from perfect but you'd have to agree he is pretty cute.

Then, while I was busy with other things, she worked for a couple of hours on a 'headdress' for him. It's a 'professial headdress'. Peanut's great grandfather was, apparently, a professor. The headdress has been handed down to the eldest in the family, all of whom have been professors, until Peanut. He is the youngest in his family and not a professor, but luckily the 'P' on the back works for Peanut too.

This story was all worked out as she stitched and cut and sewed. The only input I had was to hammer on the press studs.

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Now there is a Peanut stick puppet. Perhaps he'll be 2013's Mousie Brown.

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