05 September 2012


Our playroom revamp is complete. Now you see books and an inviting couch under the window when you look in, rather than an overcrowded desk. It turns out that quilt does have a purpose after all. Getting rid of about a third of the stuff helped a lot too. Apart from carpet and the price of paint, this makeover didn't cost a penny. The red side table is a cut down old IKEA desk of Craig's that has been in his parents shed these past 30 years, painted badly by me. I repainted our old white table that was covered with years of texta and paint. It was a bit sad painting over those marks of creativity (you can get an idea of how it looked here). The map of Australia was a poster from Nana that I didn't want to put on the wall. I varnished over it but probably didn't let the paint cure sufficiently and the finish is not quite clear. So unlike me to cut corners..... The green bookshelf was a gift from friends who no longer had room for it, and handily matches our old blue one, and the storage unit is a lovely old bookshelf Craig had made years ago that has been living in our garage for the past five years.

These few things have transformed the room from my personal nemesis into what is starting to be my favourite spot in the house. Sometimes at night when the kids are in bed I turn on the light just to look at it. In my typical fashion I had no vision for this room at all. Craig suggested the book shelves either side of the window and I was sure it would look crap. But I was wrong. I'd never have chosen the bright pink and orange bunting (a present from friends) or the lime green bookcase, but they seem to work. No matter how pretty a room looks, though, it has to work as a practical space and I reckon this will.


  1. I reckon it looks great. I love a room that makes me want to grab a book and sit down immediately. Well done - how satisfying.

  2. The room looks great. I love the bookcase placement.

  3. That is such a great room. I bet the girls love it in there.