18 September 2012

Class Act

Over the past two terms I've been spending Friday afternoons with Nina's class, sewing a quilt.

Each week I worked with a group of four or five children, and each child did one block. They chose a letter, designed their block and embroidered it. Some were content to leave theirs unadorned. Others turned their letter into a dragon, or added hearts and other decoration. I was amazed at how keen all the children were, even those who started off reluctant. They were all terribly proud of their work too. Many had never sewn at all before, while some, like Sophia who did the block above, are experienced sewers.

I brought my sewing machine in and they all had a chance to sew their square to strapping. Using the sewing machine was a hit, especially with the boys who liked seeing how fast it could go. Lucas particularly loved the machine, and sat by it each session, helping explain it's workings to the other children.

The children did the entire top and then I quilted and bound it. I sewed all their names around the edge.

It was lovely to spend time with Nina's class. Her class ranges from five year old grade preps to eight year old grade twos, with all the variety of skills and abilities you would imagine within that range. As always I was amazed at the expectations that we have of our teachers, who meet this challenge every day. It was a huge learning experience for me, and I think the kids enjoyed it too.

The other thing I liked about this project is that this quilt was made entirely from my stash.  There is an old pair of pyjamas in there, several cut up shirts, some remnant linen and various off cuts from other projects.  The only thing I bought was a half metre of red spots for the binding.  I'm always especially happy when something lovely can be created from odds and ends and I think this is something lovely.  Thanks to all the children of Hannah's class for having me along every Friday.


  1. This is great, such a great class project.

  2. Thank you for making the quilt with us. We love it already. -Sara
    I was really fun making the quilt. Thank you for spending your Friday afternoons with us. -Sophia and Nina
    What else have you been sewing? -Holly
    Most of us didn't really know how to sew so thanks for teaching us. -Ivanka
    It was fun. -Arthur and Kosta
    Personally I thought the best thing was learning how to sew. -Nellie
    I think you've said it all Julie. It really was a lovely way to spend the end of the week. The kids LOVE the quilt, they spend their time trying to arrange it so that it covers all five couch dwellers. -Hannah

  3. That is ridiculously awesome. What a great mama you are!