28 August 2012

Paper, Chalk, Coathangers

I got three cardboard sticks a cardboard circle, a plastic fairy doll bead, a coat hanger from socks and a pipecleaner and put them all together.  Faces everywhere.

Time Machine

If you don't have any paint on hand, by Nina.To get started, get your equipment and bring your coloured pencils. You could also try making it out of water and crushed rock.  The thing is it doesn't always work if the rock is not crushed.

Tip. I think that faber castell pencils work better than other brands. But if you prefer you can use other brands. Crayolas work well too.

Nina is not so much a one for drawing pictures.  She does that a bit, but often her drawings are abstract, her creations are sorts of machines, or inventions.  And she likes writing instructions.  I often find half written instructions, or explanations, which might start with lists of required items, or explain her production process.  She also quite often writes letters  - to her friends or toy mice, but also to people whose work she admires.  Sometimes she gets round to sending them.   It's quite a different way of working than, for example, Ruby's approach.  I am  fascinated by what fascinates them.


  1. I think that my two girls would get on with your girls really well.

    We go through paper at a phenomenal rate, and our house is full of little piles of papers. Amelia, the eldest, doesn't make lists much, but she draws lots of collections of made up characters. It is fascinating, to see what fascinates children when their imagination is given an opportunity to meander (they need lots of unscheduled time).

    She also spends quite a bit of time "making paint".

    1. Oh yes Claire, and it can be quite a challenge, can't it, to keep time unscheduled. I have worked mostly successfully to limit the extracurricular activities, but it gets harder as they get older. Unstructured time is so important, and it is always in those moments of 'doing nothing' that the most interesting things emerge. Your girls sound very like mine.