11 October 2011

Splendid Isolation

Perth is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world. The entire Indian ocean lies beyond it to the west and to the east it is thousands of kilometres and many day's drive to a next city of any size.
How lucky for us, then, to have my brother and sister-in-law, their four boys, and their new pool, to welcome us.

Who could imagine that a week in a house with eight children aged 10 and under could be quite so relaxing?

We barely saw our eldest two, so preoccupied were they with their cousins and endless games of 'Sharkey' in the pool.
Craig and Lily, King's Park

When we could be bothered dragging ourselves out we explored some of Perth's many fantastic parks.

Tom, Ruby, Nina

The kids frolicked at the local beach while we kept a half eye on them from the beach front restaurant.

City Beach sand dunes

It was as if the weather, the scenery, the generousity of my brother and his family, their spectacular house, were conspiring to convince me to move to Perth. And here I was convinced I was a Melbourne girl, through and through....


  1. Would you really move to PErth? I love-hate it. The lifestyle is awesome.The cultural life is sorta limited... but if you find your crew to run with you it's okay. Sounds like you've got a ready-made crew of nephews and all!

  2. Hi Leigh, actually moving to Perth is probably not on the cards, given jobs and house and school etc. But I guess these days we so rarely get to indulge in the cultural offerings of Melbourne, and parks and beaches are pretty ace. And the weather! Melbourne has been freezing this week...