17 October 2011

Chenille (but not Janelle)

chenille dresses

Spring in Melbourne means school fete season. I love the community spirit and the thousands of hours of work done by parents all across town to put these days together. I don't love the fact that the money raised is so desperately needed by our schools to fund essentials, such as our school music program.

chenille toddler pants

Someone donated some old chenille bedspreads to the craft group, and they found their way to me to be turned into toys and clothing.

chenille elephants  - waiting for eyes to be stitched

Although chenille is apparently french for caterpillar, it seems such an Australian word to me.

I think my (heretofore unknown) desire to work with chenille has well and truly expired. I hope attendees at the fete have not similarly exhausted their desire for all things chenille. Is it all a bit 90's or is there still an appetite for clothing that makes you look like a colourful woolly mammoth?


  1. you have done a fantastic job with these!

  2. Talk about spinning straw into gold! Fabulous! (and I'm a total sucker for cute girlie dresses).