29 April 2011

Wait a Minute Mr Postman

There has been a lot of letter and card writing in these parts recently.  There was Nina's ongoing correspondence on behalf of and to Miss Snug:

Ruby's lengthy letter to 'Humusonbarly' recounting exploits on the River Nile
Birthday cards for each other:
Nina's card for Ruby
Dear Ruby I hope you love your presents and cards.  Just to tell you my card is these little poeple who love to sing and dancing.  And one day they find a big sign saying Ruby is the Best and another smalla sign that said I Love You and they start Dancing and Singing.
Ruby's card for Nina incorporating within the number 6 the world of the 6 year old - including the bank, cafe, bakery, toy shop.
Never never never have I ever ever ever seen a cleverer 6 year old
And a letter to break the heart of the working mother....


  1. cutest post ever! thank you for sharing this. I don't get to experience this with my son (profound special needs with delayed development) and your letters gave me a good chuckle. Made my Sunday! Happy MAY!

  2. oh they are lovely sisters what terrific cards.
    i luv that Annie waded in the mud and luv that letter from nina . .breaks your heart