20 April 2011

Ruby Red

It's almost too obvious, but of course Ruby's favourite colour is red.   This quilt pattern seemed to lend itself to a red on white quilt. As I'd already done a nine-patch for Lily I thought I'd let it all hang out and do another one, 'crazy' style.  (I do rather like to think that skew-whiff cutting is as crazy as it gets in the quilting world.)

Elizabeth's instructions for cutting the blocks were eye-opening to me.  So much time saved.  And so worth investing in a rotary cutter.
Cutting the blocks
Theoretically each block ends up with nine different fabrics, and each block is unique in the arrangements of those fabrics.  I came acropper somewhere and ended up with half my blocks having a replicated fabric.  I had to think whether this would bother me enough to unpick and redo and decided it wouldn't.  And it hasn't.

Previous quilts had been stitched in the ditch, but that would have looked odd on a crazy nine- patch.  I quilted irregular horizontal lines.  Hard work pushing it through the old Singer.

Quilting it up

The right backing fabric was difficult to find.  I had in mind a particular green floral print which evidently does not exist.  I'm happy with this though.

Backing fabric and binding
Ruby Red:  bright, orderly, and just a little bit crazy.
Crazy nine patch lattice


  1. Oh there are some gorgeous fabrics in there - I adore the backing and the ladybird fabric.

  2. Plus, the whole quilt is gorgeous! Forgot to say that bit!

  3. you did such a wonderful job on this quilt! It's beautiful! I love this pattern very much!