24 October 2011

Tempting Fete

I know Melbourne is famed for it's mercurial weather. I know to always pack both a cardie and the sunscreen. And, you know, spring and all. But still, it did seem a little unfair that it poured with rain for our fete, when the very next day was blazing sunshine and 30 degrees. Today it's back to winter with the heating on.
Grace and Lily survey the crap weather

I was pleased with this awesome kilt I scored for Grace at the second hand clothes stall. I'm delighted with the heirloom tomatoes, basil, beetroot and mint for $1 a pot at the plants. And I'm pretty happy that I kept this little scrap of wild orange chenille for a dress for Lily.  Even in the rain, it was a good day. 


  1. That wild orange chenille is making me swoon. Gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Kim, if there had been enough fabric I'd have been tempted to make myself one.

  3. Guess where that Laird kilt came from??? Which italian family living in Northcote has got scottish connections?? 7 degrees of seperation truly.......truly scrumptious on her and so happy to know it went to a good family!

  4. No way! it had the. Feel of authenticity, so glad to know it's the real deal. How fabulous to get the provenance.