28 July 2014

Nina Recent

We were having a family draw the other day. Nina took a photo of me to draw. The end result, she swears, is not me 'at all' but you know, when I saw the snap it was based on, it was actually disturbingly accurate. I'm clearly descending into crone hood.

She struggles with hands (don't we all?), hence pockets! I love the cat and the boots.

Actually she doesn't struggle that much with hands I guess.
The magic Chrisantha comes out of a box. This is a horrid picture according to Nina.
I like the serifs on her letters.
Word searches were all the rage for a while.
with over five searches!
She's always liked drawing pens and pencils.

I'm getting worse about tidying and sorting art work these days. Months and months go past and I've barely looked at anything the kids have done - perhaps the briefest of glances on the way to the recycling bin. So I did a big sort out and snapped what was sitting in their trays in the playroom. It might not be the best or most interesting of whatever they've been doing lately, but I like preserving in a kind of digital amber exactly where they were at in a particular moment of time.

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