23 February 2014

The End of Summer

February has nearly gone now. We had friends over for a very low key BBQ, but even the lowest key BBQ still involves somewhat complex food options given allergies and preferences. Nina made signs. A very Nina thing to do.  Grace made a flower sculpture and Lily drew a picture of a grumpy sunburnt mummy. We went to a soccer tournament for Nina and braved the cold and wet and were then completely taken by surprise when sun came out and we all got burned.  For my birthday we went to N2 and watched them make our gelati instantly by adding liquid nitrogen. It was a lot of fun but I don't think it was the yummiest gelato around. Lily caught up with her now-also-four-year-old friend, Yvette. I love watching these two youngest of four interact - both sweet and strong willed - a good match for each other. 
Last weekend the two older girls joined Craig and me for the MegaSwim at Fitzroy Pool. It's always a good day (or night and day) even though it was a bit chilly this year with threatening skies. Nina and Ruby each swam 1.2km which was a pretty good effort and raised $520 for MS.
And there has even been the tiniest bit of sewing : 
A little baby quilt made from my Charley Harper fabric.  It's a total cheat's quilt as the top comes in this pattern and I just quilted parallel lines around the squares. Once again I was amazed at how the binding changes a quilt. I had been thinking a red or orange binding or perhaps a dark grey but that just wasn't right. I ended up going for a brown with off-white spots from my stash which off-sets it all just right I think. The back is a simple beigey sort of linen in that shade somewhere between grey and brown. All up it was a pleasingly quick and satisfying project.
And finally we have had much drama over the past weeks with Ruby, who, like many an eldest child, tends toward the anxious. We insisted that she try out for District swimming, given that she is a good swimmer and that confronting those things that make you anxious in a safe environment where nothing hinges on the outcome would be a good step.  We had many tears and angry protestations about how much she didn't want to it.  We had many discussions about our reasons for making her.  Anyway she participated and got through to the District competition, much to her dismay! We had another week of nerves and anxiety, another week of talking and practicing techniques to calm her nerves, and today she came third in the freestyle relay. She's pretty pleased and I feel vindicated - not because she got a ribbon but because the nerves between the first round and the second had definitely reduced and I do think she's realised that she can still perform, even when she feels anxious. Funnily enough she was happy to sing before the whe school last year with 2 friends, something most people would find more nerve wracking. 
We've been back a month today, and I do feel that something has shifted.  The possibilities seem endless suddenly, and that's rather lovely.  It's nearly autumn, my very favourite season and tonight, right now, all is good. 


  1. "she got through to the District competition, much to her dismay" - hilarious!! I can sympathized with her on this one. I'm that person who doesn't want to ever win anything for fear of having to go up in front of people to accept a prize. I feel her pain but she must be proud!

    1. I think she is, but she's not admitting it!