13 September 2013

Playmats and Elephants

I haven't quite got the whole cloth quilt thing out of my system. I am crossing fingers and toes that there will be some new babies in my life soon (not my own, babies of close friends) but in the meantime I've been doing some cheap and cheerful versions for the school fete. These are Ikea fabrics, decorator weight and more suited as playmats, or pram covers than for cots. I really like some of the fabrics at Ikea and I really like the prices too. The elephants are old hat, but have a patterned side and a striped side for fun.


  1. Your free-motion quilting is great! Mine is still awful and sloppy, maybe placemats are a good place to get in some more practice.

  2. I also like the look of the IKEA fabrics but have not purchased any yet, maybe on our next trip I will pick some up.