06 August 2013

Patchwork Scarves

On Sunday a few of us met at the school to make patchwork scarves for the school fete.  It was a busy weekend at the school, with parents and staff painting the backdrop for the musical next week and the fete preserving team making vats of chutney and preserving lemons.The faint aroma of vinegar, tomato and onion infused our fabrics, but after an airing on the clotheshorse they smell like sunshine (amazing as there was so little of it around).  These are backed with upcycled corduroy, cut up woollen cardigans, and linen off cuts. They were very pleasurable to make - quick and satisfying.  And I really like the results too.

1 comment:

  1. They look really lovely.

    I think your fete looks like it will be a cut above the average!