26 June 2013


We went for our now-traditional lantern walk down by the Merri Creek last friday. It's my little nod to the winter solstice and the general joy of small children in winter woollies. It was a still, cold evening with an almost full moon. The creek was not at it's best - the recent rains brought a deluge of plastic shopping bags downstream to snag in the branches and reeds. Not very attractive and a bit depressing. But the children and their friends were excited to be out, together, after dark.

The first time I ever organised this it was a whole afternoon of lantern-and-winter-soup-making with a lot of people and it was long and big and chaotic. I'm learning, slowly, that less is more. A text message to some friends, old condensed milk tin lanterns, a packet of tic-tocs and some hot chocolate/red wine afterwards was all that was needed. (plus bonus brownies made by Kim)

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