02 February 2013

Blues and Greys

This little lap quilt is a gift for a 40th birthday. We are not quite ready to join the blue rinse set and my friend is most definitely not grey, but I do love these colours and fabrics. Some of them were bought for the quilt I planned, but have not yet made, for Lily. I love them but they were not quite right for a three year old. Perhaps too grown up? I am very pleased at the quilting on this one, which has hardly a pucker and is very regular and without the jaggedy lines my stippling often suffers from. I'm improving!

I so enjoyed the tessellations of the quilt that Ruby's class made that I wanted to give them a go myself. Obviously I'm still not quite over my triangle phase. I do love the possibilities with triangles, the way you can look from one direction or another and see something different. Whilst making it I kept envisaging my next quilt, which will be crosses in red and grey and white. Do you find you are always thinking about the next project, even whilst working on the current one? This always happens to me, perhaps is a sad indictment of my attention span. As for Lily's quilt, I still can't seem to get a picture of it in my mind. She is such a particular person; stubborn, brutal, hilarious, adorable. I'll have to think on it some more.

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  1. I think the grey and blue go well together. nice job!