07 November 2012

Cup Fever

Lily's third birthday coincided with Cup Day this year. Turning three is an overwhelming occasion, not least because for Lily, it was Cup Day in a very literal sense; no more milk in bottles.  It's fair to say Lily was not thrilled by this turn of events.

But there were consolations - stirring the birthday porridge;

Friends and family for lunch;

My now traditional 'decorate in 5 minutes' icecream cake;

A play put on by her sisters, cousins and friends involving a peacock, a peacock trainer, a princess, Alfredo the spy/groundskeeper and a detective;

And at the end of the day, when everyone had gone home and the fuss had died down, there was some good hard play with her sisters. This morning she asked me 'Is it still my birthday just a little bit?'

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday to Lilly! I love the little cup with the girl and red flowers.