29 October 2012

Tempting Fete (again)

We had our school fete on Saturday.  After a couple of rain soaked years, and a Friday which showed Melbourne at its squally worst, we were pretty nervous about what the day would bring.  But the weather held.  The sun even made a few brief appearances.  The whole fete was wonderful, but, surprisingly, I'm particularly partial to the craft stall....

Pencil rolls by Lou W and Martina

Pirate bears by Margie and little dolls by Caroline

Owls by Andy

Gnomes by Lou W

Soft toys by Gayle, Rachel, and many others

Knitted teddy bears

Buttterfly clips by Mary

Amazing Atlas and Melways bunting by Andy

Dresses and pinafores by Lou K, capes and tutus by Lou K, Margie, Gayle and others 

It was BIG
There were aprons, (some made by kids from the school and kindly donated for sale), cats, kittens, cards, hair-ties, brooches, bibs, beanies, backpacks, bunting, bags of all sizes and shapes, hot water bottle covers, juggling balls, clothes, puppets, pencil cases, owls, elephants, monsters, thumb wrestlers, pirate sets, crafty showbags, kits to make your own bell bats, peg dolls, mexican god's eyes and much else besides.   If you judge an event by items sold, money raised, enjoyment had, community bonded with, friendships cemented, compliments garnered, skills learned, inspiration obtained, quantity of produce or quality of work, it was a success on all counts.  Thanks to the many people who knitted and sewed and stuffed and glued and tied and cut and packaged and labelled and donated and especially to those who bought.  It was a truly lovely day.


  1. Holy Moly! That stall rocks!

  2. Oh my! I wish we had interesting school fairs like this where I live (New Brunswick, Canada). Mainly we just get stale Rice Krispee squares and old junk.