22 June 2012

Rain Rain

What do you do when it rains and rains and rains?

We made ice boats (thanks to Playschool for the idea), we sorted through a big pile of fabric donated to our school's craft stall and I even got to stitch the binding on my latest quilt.

Without snow to make the world exciting, and without the sort of extreme temperatures that give you an excuse not to leave bed, there is something about the endless drizzle of Melbourne winter that very quickly turns things miserable.  I wonder how many years it will be, post drought, before I can complain about rain without feeling guilty.  I thought I'd never see Melbourne green again, and I really am grateful to have done so, but I wouldn't mind if the rain just stopped for a bit.

How about you? Memories of bucketing out the bathwater onto your shrivelling plants still too fresh to wish the rain away? Or sick of discovering new leaks in your roof with every downpour? We have the leaks that occur only when it rains rally really hard, and then different leaks when the rain is light but constant. I am too scared to find out what this means about the state of our roof but it can't be anything good....


  1. It is definitely still too fresh for me to complain about the rain. It is all tied up with my worry that water will become a scarce resource again in the near future.

    It is hard with the kids all cooped up inside though, especially with my son who is hard wired to run around regularly. I am glad that football continues each week, in spite of the rain, (and that I don't have to go).

    I think the most oppressive nature about Melbourne winters is actually the greyness. Even through the long years of drought, the grey really seems to get everyone down.

    1. yes I think you're spot on about the greyness. I think it's why, even when it is freezing in autumn, I still love it, because of the colours.