20 January 2012

No Craft

I haven't been sewing. The months leading up to Christmas were so fall of small projects - dresses and decorations and baking - that I now feel the need to start a longish, biggish project. Which means a quilt. And I've got some ideas floating around, but I also have a desire to use up materials I have and none of my ideas could be made solely from existing supplies. So whilst I wait for a break in this deadlock I've been making photo quilts. Like patchwork quilts, there is an art in the placement, and I haven't perfected it yet. I also find the process of putting the quilts together on BigHugeLabs a bit cumbersome, albeit simple. Does anyone know if there is a way to edit the mosaic without having to change the order of the set in Flickr? I'd like to be able to play around with placement within the mosaic format (much like playing around with quilt squares). I'm trying to picture how placement will look from a linear photo structure and I'm not succeeding. Hints, tips anyone?


  1. You have to load the photos individually into the mosaic, via their own urls, rather than as a set. Tedious and time consuming but I think it's the only other way.

    I like the little paper people, bottom right corner.

  2. Blue quilt! You have made a lot of blue things recently?